Supporting Women Before, During & After Birth Since 2007.

We offer experienced care to help you have the empowered birth you want.

Serving the Tri Valley, East Bay, South Bay, North Bay & Peninsula.

Tri Valley Doula & Lactation

Tri Valley Doula & Lactation

Supporting Women Before, During and After Birth since 2007.
We offer experienced care that helps you have the empowered birth & breastfeeding experience you want.
Serving the entire East Bay.

Why Hire a Doula: I was recently talking with a VBAC momma at a post partum visit about her birth experience. Some of the things she told me motivated me to add this page to my website. She told me she didn't realize how much I was going to help her through her whole birth experience. Prior to birth she really didn't "believe" her state of mind could truly effect her birth experience. Also, prior to her birth, she wondered if hiring a doula was "worth it". This momma had a cesarean with her first child and really wanted a different experience this time. I know this momma is extremely happy with her birth experience and has a whole different view of birth now. 

Here are some of the ways I have helped woman during their pregnancy and labor: Once a momma hires me I send her various emails. Some of the emails contain nutritional information and easy things pregnant ladies can do to decrease their chances of getting preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, anemia, leg cramps, back pain and OP babies. I always encourage momma to call me so we can chat about the information and figure out ways to incorporate my tips into her daily live.

Often mommas call me after their doctor visits. Sometimes they are disappointed because they didn't connect with their doctor.  We go over the visit and brainstorm things she talk with the doctor about during the next visit. Sometimes the momma asks me questions she'd like to ask her doctor. I then give her multiple different ways  the question may be answered so she is prepared to respond better. I encourage mommas to keep a list of questions and birth wishes to talk with her doctor about. 

Mommas call me after birthing classes or after reading birthing material to go over the information . We delve into the material in more depth and in a more personal way. Often those conversations strengthen our bond and build confidence in the momma.

I chat with mommas about just about anything:
What type of baby mattress to get?
What type of class to take?
Questions about breastfeeding?
What type of playlist to create?
When to go to the hospital or call the midwife?
What to eat before labor?
Should she walk around or take nap?
Is this labor?
Is ..... normal?
How do I tell (fill in the blank: mom, husband, friend) that I ......?

Mommas often call me with fears. This is really important! I help mommas to work through fear and find their inner strength. Being scared of labor is very powerful. We can turn that fear around with education so mommas know they have options. Once the momma trusts me enough to share her fears with me, I can help her get past those fears.

Some ladies doubt their body can birth a baby because (fill in the blank: they've had a c-section, they've had surgery, no other ladies in their family have birthed vaginally). I listen and help them find solutions. 

Most of the time (I hope) I help mommas to trust and listen their gut. Birth is so very personal. A woman really needs to believe in herself and her birthing team to have an empowered birth. 

I chat with ladies who want an all natural birth because they believe it's best for their baby. But, they really don't want a natural birth because they don't know how they are "going to get through the pain". ​
Email or call (925)413-6328 to set-up an appointment to see if I'm the right doula for you!

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