Supporting Women Before, During & After Birth Since 2007.

We offer experienced care to help you have the empowered breastfeeding and birth experience you want. Serving the Tri Valley & East Bay.

Tri Valley Doula & Lactation

Tri Valley Doula & Lactation

Supporting Women Before, During & After Birth since 2007.
We offer experienced care that helps you have the empowered experience you want.
Serving the entire
 East Bay.

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TVD Circle:
Who We Are: Tri Valley Doula Circle is composed of 2 experienced birth doulas who share in the education and support of pregnant women. We mentally and physically help support those women during labor. We both have a wealth of knowledge we come from varied backgrounds and pride ourselves in empowering our birthing clients to have the best birth experience possible. Our goal is for you to be as supported and cared for as possible. 

How To Meet Us: Call us at (925)413-6328 or email to set-up an interview. Interviews typically last 40 minutes. We can meet in our home, a coffee shop or park in your community. 

Our Service:

  • Unlimited group prenatal meetings. We host at least 2 meetings each month. We usually have 3 different meetings each month. If group meeting aren't for you, we can meet with you 2 times in your home for prenatal meetings for the same price. You pick which options works best for you!
  • Unlimited postpartum group meetings. These meetings are typically scheduled after the group prenatal meetings. They last about 1 hour. We help with new parent life, breastfeeding, birth story debriefing--whatever you need!
  • 1 postpartum visit in your home or an agreed upon location lasting approximately 90 minutes (dependent on your needs) to help with breastfeeding, care of your body and to go over your birth story.
  • Continuous labor support in your home, hospital and/or birth center. Support 1 to 2 hours after your baby is delivered.
  • Assistance with breastfeeding and postpartum concerns.
  • Additional In-home visits available, ask us about those.

Price: Please call for current pricing. 

Some of things we go over in our prenatal appointments:

  • Relationship between your mind and your body in labor
  • How the uterus works
  • Thought -Fear-Pain-Tension Cycle
  • Sphincter (Circular) Muscles
  • Your body and the position of your baby
  • Feeling Safe and Pain Management – maximizing oxytocin
  • Things to think about and share with your doula
  • Perineal Massage       
  • BreathingNon-focused awarenessVerbalizationAffirmationsUmbilical Cord InformationMusicEssential Oils
  • Pushing/ Final StageTips/ Extras  

Here's what being said about us: Thank you again for being such a wonderful source of insight and support. Your kindness and confidence definitely made a difference for me nd Zack as we awaited the "big day".
Deanna was fabulous and helped me through the birthing experience in a powerful way.  I've recommended the Tri Valley Group to my birthing class and will continue to sing its praises! Warm wishes, Catherine & Paolo

I can't thank you enough! Your help and presence during labor and delivery made all the difference in the world. I will definitely look back at the my labor and delivery with actual fond  memories (even though it seems like I was out of it). You are amazing and crazy  strong - LOVED the massages and pressure points. THank you and Tri Valley Doula BTW -The nurses and doctors loved you -Carla

Thank you for our wonderful work and our delivery. Your effort, energy and attitude was way above and beyond what I expected! Reuben