Supporting Women Before, During & After Birth Since 2007.

We offer experienced care to help you have the empowered birth you want.

Serving the Tri Valley, East Bay, South Bay, North Bay & Peninsula.

Tri Valley Doula & Lactation

Tri Valley Doula & Lactation

Supporting Women Before, During and After Birth since 2007.
We offer experienced care that helps you have the empowered birth & breastfeeding experience you want.
Serving the Tri Valley, East Bay, South Bay, North Bay and Peninsula communities.

TVD Private Doula:


  •  Unlimited phone, text and email contact from the time you contract with me. 
  •  Two prenatal visits in your home that last about 90 minutes each
  • The on-call period is two weeks before until your baby is born.
  • Continuous care during labor for as long as you want.
  •  Two postpartum visits in your home (length of visit depends on your need)
  • Extensive resources list of professionals and organizations throughout the Bay Area 
  • Follow-up with me for at least one year, to make sure all your questions and concerns are taken care of.
  • I’m available for postpartum doula work to my birth clients at a rate of $35 per hour in the East Bay.

How To Meet Me: Call us at (925)413-6328 or email to set-up an interview. Interviews typically last 40 minutes. We can meet in our home, a coffee shop or park in your community.


Price: Please call for current pricing

Some of things I go over in our prenatal appointments:
Relationship between your mind and your body in labor
How the uterus works
Thought -Fear-Pain-Tension Cycle
Sphincter (Circular) Muscles
Your body and the position of your baby
Feeling Safe and Pain Management – maximizing oxytocin
Things to think about and share with your doula
Perineal Massage       
BreathingNon-focused awarenessVerbalizationAffirmationsUmbilical Cord InformationMusicEssential Oils
Pushing/ Final StageTips/ Extras