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Supporting Women Before, During &After Birth since 2007.
We offer experienced care that helps you have the empowered experience you want.
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Kinesio Taping​: Beneficial for pregnant ladies who have swollen ankles and feet and all postpartum mommas. 

When the body is swollen it is less efficient and the area can be very uncomfortable. Kinesio tape helps to improve blood and lymph circulation which reduces inflammation.

What is it? Kinesio tape is a revolutionary form of treatment based on the body's own natural healing process. The Kinesio taping method stems from the science of Kinesiolog, recognizing the importance of body and muscle movement and rehabilitation in everyday life.

How does it work? The adhesive used on Kinesio tape is applied in a wave pattern, which allows it to lift the skin away from the underlying tissue during movement. this lifting of the skin promotes more effective drainage of inflammation and swelling, and promotes increased blood circulation to the injured (or swollen) area.

Are there any side-effects? Those with sensitive skin may experience mild itching under the tape, especially after it has been wetted a few times. If you have extremely  sensitive skin and experienced any redness, swelling, burning or other signs of irritation, removed the tape immediately.

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KINESIOLOGY TAPING TECHNIQUES – STRUCTURAL SUPPORT posted by Tape ExpertKinesiology tape can be applied in different ways to achieve different benefits. One of the main taping techniques is to provide structural support for weak or injured muscles or joints. Because of its elasticity, kinesiology taping is not suitable to provide rigid support for a severe injury or to stabilize an unstable joint. It can, however, be used very effectively to prevent potentially harmful ranges of motion or to improve static or dynamic postures.

 Email   Private Doula Services  Doula Circle Services ​​ HomeThe kinesio taping technique used for swelling and edema is called lymphatic taping. It involves applying the anchor end of the tape close to the lymphatic drainage ducts, with “fingers” of tape extending along the nearby lymphatic channels. The tape is applied with a light stretch, lifting the skin just enough to relieve pressure on the lymphatic vessels, allowing them to drain excess fluid more efficiently.

How to Cut a Fan Strip To cut a fan strip for a lymphatic taping, take a strip of kinesiology tape and make several longitudinal cuts beginning at one end and finishing 3-4″ from the other end (the anchor end). For ankle edema, the anchor end is applied above the ankle and the “fingers” are spread out directly over the swollen area. If necessary, multiple fan strips can be cut and applied crossing over each other.

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Swollen Ankles Swollen ankles are one of the most common miseries of pregnancy. Fortunately, kinesiology taping can provide a safe, simple and convenient remedy for this, as well as many other miseries of pregnancy. This is the second in a series of posts covering the use of kinesiology tape for the discomforts of pregnancy.